The Team

Joel Brown – CoFounder

I first got into hosting, websites, and web development during college when I was trying to set up a phpBB message board for my Ultimate Frisbee Team. Those skills got me started doing some part-time design and development jobs. Then, Ben and I started working together on several of our own projects in and around the hosting industry that eventually led us here.

When I’m not working I still love to play Ultimate Frisbee. I like skiing, hiking, climbing, kayaking — pretty much anything in the mountains. I also love to learn about science and philosophy, and am particularly fascinated by neuroscience.


Ben Welch-Bolen – CoFounder

My Dad sparked my interest in computers when I was very young and since he was a system administrator I was lucky to always have a great teacher around. I grew up playing computer games and messing with QBasic but it wasn’t until the internet emerged that I was hooked. I still remember my Dad showing me the internet for the first time and how amazed I was. Suddenly there was a way to travel around the world but never leave your chair, read unlimited amounts of info without having to buy books, a way to reach millions of people with your ideas, and most importantly nobody cared how old you were. Shortly after I scraped together enough money to build my first computer and started learning how to build websites. And since I’ve been an entrepreneur since I was a little kid everything just clicked.

Outside of websites, web hosting and other online projects you can usually find me traveling, reading, running, and playing ultimate frisbee. I love to travel and I try to move around as much as possible. I am usually reading a good mix of science fiction, fantasy, business, historical fiction, and general history.


I came, I saw, I hacked. As an outdoorsman with an knack for solving problems simply, I have been a CCNA, system admin, programmer and IT generalist for over a decade. Perl is my IT survival knife, everything else is extra.



I have been coding for 5+ years and got my start on Programmable Logic Controller in C++. I moved into the web development field and I’ve steadily broadened my skill set. The years I spent developing programs to efficiently run large machine processing have really helped me to better understand complex object oriented web applications. Since joining the WebPub Team I have worked primarily on the administration sections of the website

Bweeb Ethos

We love the Internet. We love the freedom It gives us to create, design and invent. We also love the opportunities it gives; it helps people use their creative efforts to improve life for themselves, their families, and their communities. So, our mission is simple: to help everyone in the world create something online.

We want to build online communities that teach web development, design, and internet marketing. We want to provide dependable, easy-to-use web hosting: We want to make it as easy as possible to create and maintain a website. We want to create online jobs that are independent of physical location. We want to make the world more connected.